Background Check In Steep Video Game

Steep the newest ubisoft game focused around winters extreme sports and I’ll start off by saying my personal opinion. I’m not the biggest fan of this game for a multitude of reasons but I’ll start off with the good stuff I guess basically what steep is a simulator style open area games similar to skate I was surprised how much it felt like skate from the fact that it really just gives you solid ish mechanics and sets you free in a world and it just focuses on the actual sport itself Ubisoft created an entire range of mountains that you can teleport around to instantly and it’s honestly really impressive when you click on the map and you open it up and you zoom out there’s a lot going on here it’s really really huge and feels like you can snowboard down the mountain almost endlessly. So if that’s what you want that’s what you’re probably gonna get here you’re gonna get an endless amount of downward slopes to do your winter action sports things on what I think they focused on best with Steep is freedom. You’re free to hop around the mountain as you choose use your binoculars to scan out new spots find and discover hidden areas to start.

Your runs and then you can constantly switch on the fly between snowboarding skiing paragliding and wingsuit jumping at any point anywhere it’s really cool and you can switch on the fly and I like it it’s nicely implemented for the most part the actual gameplay itself is not Arkady it’s more of a realistic focus and I don’t expect something like SSX tricky or cool boarders or 1080 here because that’s not what you’re getting you’re getting and like I said earlier. Skate is inapplicable comparison it’s not like Tony Hawk it’s more like skate in terms of Arcadius to realism and it’s not really a bad thing but steep just seems really simple it seems like a one-trick pony and it got old really fast what I think they did a really good job with number one I think the visuals look pretty damn good it’s cool and not only can you hop around the map anywhere you want instantly but you can also change the time of day on the fly they got some impressive tech here like it seems like they really worked hard on this game. The snow moves and looks realistic there’s just a lot of effort put into it and the sense of speed when you’re barreling down a hill whether it’s on skis or just as a person or on a snowboard it’s effective but the core gameplay loop itself just doesn’t feel that fun I feel like after two hours or so you’ve seen it all you know what snowboarding and skiing you can do grab tricks and stuff but jumping feels finicky and you never really hit the same jump twice which I guess is realistic and cool but it’s just not that fun and sometimes you just feel like things are a little bit more out of your control and you’d like in a video game but on the flip side there is a learning curve and some of the challenges can get very difficult and you have to thread a needle with skis and snowboards and I like it the paragliding is pretty dull and boring and wingsuiting kind of gets old after a while even though it does have some mechanics it’s ultimately very simple everything here is pretty much a one-trick pony most of the time you’re going to be focusing on skiing and snowboarding and like I’ve been saying even that gets old pretty quickly.


There is a semi persistent online world you will find other players hurdlingdown the mountain you can link up with them do races with them and you can go back and save your lines and make them challenges for other players as well as saving replays and doing GoPro angles and all that kind of stuff there’s a lot here to actually do not to mention the fact that there is a bunch of customization there’s an in-game economy where your earn experience points to level up to unlock new areas but also you can spend money on gear an different equipment but it’s still just all doesn’t really feel enough you know at least for a full-priced game I thought this game got pretty dull prettyquickly I feel like I’ve seen it all and the worst part 2 and I’m not usually one to really complain about the stuff in it before you buy like to just focus on the core gameplay itself I like to ignore microtransactions and stuff because most of the time I do think they can be ignored even if you do think they’re terrible but I do have to acknowledge that the dlc season pass here does add a bunch of stuff like costumes and in-game currency but you also get entirely new sports yes the $60 game does not ship with all the included sports buying extra twenty dollar dlc gets you rocket wings which is like a different type of gliding BASE jumping a different form of power gliding in the form of speed gliding and you also get sledding what the hell happened here.  I’m not a big fan of that and I think that limitation definitely speaks for itself. It’s egregious and I thought you’d be software saying they were going to stop practices like these what happened I think that’s the game’s biggest defense like I said this does seem like a game that they did put effort into and they did try.


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It’s just not as thrilling as it may intend to be at least not in the long term if you are super big fan of these types of games or these types of sports. I don’t necessarily think you’ll be disappointed I think there is some fun to be had here but I definitely cannot recommend the game for the full price and I always hate saying that and definitely the season passing totally




sucks too I know I come off very neutral and fifty a lot of games and I say a lot of games are good and bad and I think steep is 50-50 as well but it definitely lean more towards I think most people aren’t going to be into it most people I think are gonna feel like me and just kind of get bored after a while I had to keep. This one quick but guys that’s it before you buy you know what I do I give you the pros the cons and some personal opinion thrown.


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