People With Their Extremely Lazy Acts

Laziness used to be something negative. But today in the 21st century, finding ways to be lazy is like obtaining a badge of honor. Here are some extreme acts of laziness.

Pumping Gas
Typically, you’re supposed to get out of the car to pump your gas. But the guy here used his body in the backseat to pump the gas for him, all the while staying in the car. Because who wants to get out and actually walked around the car? Not them.





Prism Specs
Even though book reading is supposed to be a leisurely activity, it can still be hard work. For those of us who enjoy reading in bed, but don’t enjoy having to sit up, hold the book up, or even bother to find a comfortable position, there are prism specs. These glasses make it possible to read your book while laying completely flat. They might look funny but they’re a god send to the lazy bookworm.






Box and Chair
Buying a chair can be pretty exciting but opening it can be daunting. You have to deal with the cardboard box, packing material, and oh god, assembly. So the guy in this photo is clearly committing an extreme active laziness and is using the chair for its intended purpose, but not the way one would expect. Will he ever opened the box we may never know?






Sliding Down
Bunk beds remind us of simpler times as a kid, but if you want the top bunk, you have some work ahead of you. Not only do you typically have to climb up into the bunk bed but you need to climb down as well. There’s always the risk of jumping down, but that could result in injury. So installing a slide to the bunk bed seems like a logical option and perfect for the lazy sleeper.



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Where’s The Trash Can?
Movie theaters are place to enjoy the latest in Hollywood while enjoying some junk food and not having to worry about taking the trash out. However, the people who left their garbage right in front of the trash can have reached an epic level of laziness that only a few of us could imagine achieving, along with not giving a darn.




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Sticker Me This
When we buy our fruit, we sometimes run into the sticker which is apparently edible. But alas, we will remove the sticker anyway and then proceeded to enjoy a sweet treat from nature. Well, the person who ate this apple was apparently too lazy to even remove the sticker and went through the incredible task to eat around the sticker.








Swing Away
There’s no doubt that parenting is hard work, and it can be hard to find some downtime to recover from raising a tiny human. The lazy parents around the world are finding away to entertain their kids while still having a moment to themselves. All it takes is some rope and an arm willing to pull the swing. That way junior is having a blast on the swing and you can have a nice cold drink.





Mowing the Lawn
Speaking of rope, it is a wonderful solution to the grueling task of mowing the lawn. Sometimes riding lawn mowers aren’t enough for the lazy person because they still must be outside and drive the mower. But on youtube, a user was able to share a brilliant idea using just some rope and a post. Using the tension of the rope, the mower will go I na circle and the Rope will wrap around the post ensuring that all patches of grass are covered.



Sideways Laptop
Such a tough decision, lay down or be entertained on your laptop. The guy here clearly found a way to do both. It’s so simple, but yet seems so ridiculous but maybe he doesn’t have a couch?


Christmas Decorations
Decorating your home’s exterior with Christmas lights it’s a pretty daunting task and neighborhoods can get competitive for the best decorated home. However, the person living in this house is not only a genius but created one of the most epic decoration themes in history. All they needed was a string of lights with a cardboard cutout of the bridge looking like he’s stealing their lights. Job well done.

Things That We Keep on Doing Wrong In Our Whole Life

In the future, school kids will read in their history books how he wants did things and will say, why didn’t they do with the easy way? And make us look primal. Here are the most common things you’ve been doing wrong your whole life.


Making a Sandwich
When you made your sandwich, you probably just slapped your lunchmeat onto the bread, accepting the bare corners of the bread. If you do this simple task of cutting your lunchmeat in half, and then lining the straight edge of the meat with your bread, and then repeating the other way, you’ll have a sandwich completely covered in meat with no bread only corners.




Toilet Seat Covers
When you have the unfortunate opportunity to use a public rest room, you’ve probably put the flap on the toilet seat cover on the back of the toilet. However you’re probably familiar with the uncomfortable experience of getting the flap stuck to your butt. You’re supposed to put the flap in the front so you won’t have to deal with as much sticking and the cover will flush down more efficiently.

When we stretch our bodies, we were taught in school of all places to stretch before you get going with your workout. On the contrary if you stretch while your muscles are cold, you increase your chances of getting injured. So when is the best time for a stretch? After warming up and after your workout. Your body will be warm and it will increase your flexibility thanks to the more easy going muscles that are warm and stretchy.





Peeling Bananas
We’ve been conditioned to open a banana from the stem. It’s not the most fail-proof way of doing it because the stem could break and we’d be stuck unable to properly open a banana without smashing or denting are delicious fruit inside. But a revolution is starting in the world of banana consumption, and there is a movement to open a banana like a monkey. Instead of opening from the stem, open the banana from the bottom and just pinching, the peel will split and you can open your banana nice and drama-free.




Staying Fresh
If you’ve been using plastic to keep your pastries and cakes fresh, then you shouldn’t be surprised when dry patches approach. But by placing a slice of bread on your pastry or cake, you can keep your baked good fresher longer by sacrificing another baked good, to the baked good god’s.



Untying Knots
Tying a knot with plastic is a near death sentence because the knot usually gets so tight that it can’t be undone. This goes for untying nearly any kind of knot. Instead of pulling from under the knot, twist to loose end as much as you can and then push it through the knot. It actually works.




The task of plunging our toilets and sinks isn’t the most glamorous shore in the house. But if you’ve been using your plunger with a lot of failure, there’s a chance you might be using wrong plunger for your hole. You might have noticed that there are two main types of plungers. The flange and the cup. The flange plunger is for your toilet while the cup plunger is for your sink. If you’d rather stick with one plunger and use it on both things, make sure you wash your plunger in between to prevent cross-contamination.



Peeling Oranges
Peeling an orange can either be easy or very difficult. We typically Peel an orange manually with our fingers, peeling off each little piece. Nut there is a much easier way. All you need is a knife. Roll your orange on a cutting board to the peel will come up easier. Then cut the top and the bottom of the orange and make one vertical slit on the side. Open the slit, and you can roll your orange right out.


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Crossing Out Letters
When you’ve crossed out letters, you probably use simple straight lines that you’ve scribbled on top of your writing. But if you don’t want people to be able to read what you wrote, this method is counter productive as your words will still be legible. If you want to cross out your words and have them be gone for good, cross out your writing with random letters. Will be nearly impossible to decipher your crossed out writing.



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Heating Leftovers
Hating leftover seems to be game of trial and error plus a lot of stopping and mixing so the heat is eventually evenly distributed. If you’re using a microwave to heat your leftover dinner, take a hole in the middle of your meal. This will help in making sure that heat is evenly distributed in your food, and you won’t have to deal with surprise cold spots again.


Weird Things Happen When You Sleep

After a long day all you want to do is have a good night’s rest but sometimes a body said to have other plans in mind and things get a little bizarre. Today we look at the weirdest things that can happen to us during our sleep.


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Gritting your teeth, the phenomenons bruxism the excessive teeth grinding and jaw clenching. This a common problem found super villain among the general population several symptoms are calling associated bruxism including hyper sensitive teeth, aching jaw muscles, headaches, tooth wearing and the along with damaged teeth. The symptoms may sometimes be so small that the person will never come aware of their condition.





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Eye twitching during deep sleep our eyes continue to move with our eyelids still close shot this phenomenon is believed to occur due to intense nerve stimulation. This brain activity during sleep allows us to organize the memories send necessary things deep storage and even erase all necessary information and optimize memory work overall.





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Sleep-talking a very common condition found to occur random times in the night can sometimes hear the pants off your family members. sleep-talking also known as parasomnia is a condition where people talk aloud was still asleep. It can be quite loud ranging from simple mumbling sound loud shouts and on frequent incoherent speeches and can occur many times during the sleep cycle this happens because a speech center in your brain gets activated when normally is still blocked during sleep so if you talk a lot of mumbo jumbo during sleep don’t worry what you want to remember single word when you awaken.







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Sudden jerks or even jumps, feeling as we’ve been shot by a defibrillator the body jolts. Right before you  to fall into deep sleep this so is a very common occurrence they shouldn’t be concerned about. If you think hard enough your country realization that’s probably happened to a couple of times but this sensation is known as hypnic jerks which involuntary twitch which it occurs just the person is beginning:to fall asleep. Often caused them to waken unexpectedly. This jerking the body that soon should rapid, heartbeat quickened, breathing sweat in a pleasant feeling like you’re going to have a heart attack. Don’t worry this is the only issue of people who have a regular sleep schedules.







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Sleep walking speed walking is known as somnambulism or knocked ilysm which is a disorder that occurs in the body awakens in the state of low consciousness. In this state the body functions are though it’s fully awake. You can even perform activities with ease this includes getting out of bed cooking and even driving. The reason is that during sleep we lose all our senses which include time and space this is because only a small reason the brain responsible for limb movement stays functional.


If more activities takes too long shot down a minimal stimulants such as sunlight or a phone ring contribute this condition and make the speed walk and move around without waking up. There are also homicide cases where the person accuse of murder has you sleepwalking those are legal defense.


Homicidal sleep walking is rare but only about  68 cases reported. Individuals from sleepwalk can’t recall memories which came back into the minds altered state of consciousness, sleep walking lasted as 30  seconds for as long as 30  minutes.


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Sexual arousal this shouldn’t come to surprise to anyone of you. As you’ve probably experienced it quite often. Men tend to have erections throughout the night most notably when they wake up with their morning wood. This is a natural body responds in males due to the saturation of blood and oxygen pulling into the penis. Things get a little awkward if your parents walk in when you’re just getting out of bed. On the other hand woman also horny at night dreaming of ripped male supermodels would lead to release of hormones which is sexually arouse the body