Why We Hate Car Dealership

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People are like vultures I hate care dealership and you hate them even more after you know the truth about them. If you have car you have freedom however, how come you have freedom when you have no choice where you buy them.

Why is it that if you want a new car you have to go to one of these awful dealerships. So why do we buy cars this way? Like why is it dealership only sell one brand of car? What if every business worked like that?  Why can’t you just go to a car store and buy whatever brand of car you want for a fixed price. And why can’t you buy a car online?





Why isn’t that how we buy cars? because that would be crazy mean can you imagine such a world of boy. Man this guy he sure is funny. It would be great when I can’t do that because these guys got a law passed to stop you. Dealerships aren’t owned by the carmaker’s their separate businesses and since the thirties dealership associations have pressured every state in the passing franchise laws that give them a virtual monopoly over new car sales.



These laws actually make it illegal to sell new cars unless your car dealership and you want to become a dealer too bad it’s also illegal to open a new dealership in another dealer territory. The law also makes it nearly impossible for carmakers to shutdown dealerships even when they suck which means they end up getting passed from father to son like family dynasties. Since they have no competition and no oversight car dealers are free to force you to haggle and treat you like crap.




trommel fines

So it’s a lame live let’s change it, that’ll be tough twenty percent of state sales tax revenue comes from car dealerships which means create more buddies pretty much run the show. All these middlemen do is cost you money. It’s estimated that if car manufacturers could sell to consumers directly every car would be eighteen hundred dollars cheaper but because of dealer franchise laws you can’t avoid them. If you want a new car you have no choice but the only way to get around I need a car yeah so does everyone. Is not kind of weird that a product marketed as the epitome of freedom is totally mandatory.

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