Why Car Is Not Really Safe

Why you’re super safe car actually makes you less safe. Cars they’re great for long-distance travel but they’re an objectively terrible way to get around the city. Ok well do you love traffic because the average driver spend one workweek year stuck in traffic. If we can fix that lot less traffic is to build more roads that would be great if it works but it’s the roads that cause the traffic. It’s a concept called induced demand here check out. Historically every time we build more roads traffic has gone up by an identical amount we can’t build our way out of the traffic problem cars equal traffic. Cars are inherently unsafe no only bad drivers have car accidents.

I’m fine because I’m a good driver. yeah you and everyone else. Ninety percent of drivers say they’re better than average that’s impossible. People who think that they’re good drivers who are actually the worst drivers.
Most accidents are caused by an inattention and you pay the least amount of attention to the road when you’re confident which is also where most accidents are caused on clear signing roads into sober drivers.

Well this car is super safe it’s like I’m driving a spaceship by the super smart computer. The car itself is still controlled by a human unreliable and easily distracted system. Actually you missed the sign this area is a host crossing and maybe you missed it because your car is too safe. Studies have shown that modern cars and roads that make us feel secure causes to unconsciously compensate and drive more dangerously. It’s a big part of why tens of thousands of Americans died on the road every year.

Okay but when I’m in this baby I’m free, it’s just me and the open road and then you’re free all right as long as you keep paying for insurance, fuel, registration and repairs. So hope you have a job while you’re on the open road. The average car cost nine thousand dollars a year just to own, now that you can afford that but a lot of people can’t. The average American family spent twenty percent of their income on transportation that’s more than we spend on food and for the poorest Americans it’s thirty-two percent. Car ownership is a tremendous burden on the working poor.



Tim Peters executive director of door of Hope would you tell me a little bit about what you guys do. Yeah hey guys we help homeless families go from homelessness to self efficiency, to permanent housing and everything in between but you might telling us  what your experience with you know automobiles in them. Yeah transportation is a big issue with our families. Car ownership can actually set in backwards. So how does the car make you go backwards. We had one client that was pain over eighty percent of her income on a car. She thought it was more important to have a car than even a home because if she ended up homeless and she had a car to sleep in and that had been our experience before coming to door hope. Families needed car just to get to work or to be able to get around the city but sometimes to make a car payment they’ll sacrifice their rent payment or food or even the basic essentials for the children.



Transportation is a fundamental human need the fact that we built our entire country so that everyone in it has to buy and maintain one of these things just to move around their own community it’s a genuine tragedy. Their monstrously expensive you have to deal with a psychologically manipulative charlatan just to buy one and we are so bad at driving them that there’s an entirely different predatory industry based around the fact that we constantly crash these things and die.

You’re talking about the insurance industry right? Yes what really kills me about all of this is the only reason we’re stuck with this cluster fudge is because we were tricked into building roads instead of subways a hundred years ago. The dominance of the car is a massive cultural mistake.

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